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Extreme Weather Driving Tips

Winter is here! Be prepared to encounter fog, high winds, rain, freezing rain, blowing snow, and icy roads. These hazards can not only substantially decrease your visibility, but they also reduce traction and stopping distance. Below you will find some...
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Employment Help

U.S. Truck Driver Training School has had its graduates employed by a large number of the top transportation companies in the country. We have maintained long-standing partnerships with the following organizations, which you can read about below.  ALTL,Inc. May Trucking...
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Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Students can apply online at fafsa.gov. Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions or need any assistance.  Once received by USTDTS, the FAFSA results will be reviewed. Some students’ applications will be selected for verification – these...
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Get Help Getting Started

U.S. Truck Driver Training School is proud to partner with the following organizations to assist those who are looking to start a stable, long-lasting career and are in need of a little support to get started. Read more about them...
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