Faculty & Staff

Tyler LaBarge
President, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Administrative Officer

Samka Keranovic
Vice President, Chief Operations Officer & Director of Financial Aid

Tina LaBeau
Director of Bursar Operations (Business Office)

Emily Stout-Brunswick
Director of Admissions

Hollie Snider
Admissions Advisor

Tessa Jennings
Registrar & Administrative Assistant

Nancy Shiner
Director of Career Services & Marketing

Meredith Hutchinson
Content & Copy Editor

Brandon Cloutier
Director of Educational Services

Devonte Shealy
Assistant Director of Educational Services

James Roy
Director of Faculty Development & State Examiner

Tom Holliday
Faculty Supervisor

Gregory Ashman
Fleet Maintenance Manager

Todd Podwoiski
160 Program Manager (Classroom)

Patrick Carson
602 Program Manager (Range and Road)

Rick Pierson
Road Instructor

Joseph Ebben

Christopher Lambardo

Troy Wood
State Examiner