Faculty & Staff

Joseph LaBarge 
Founder and Chairman of the Board 

Kim Kelly 
Executive Assistant to the Founder & Chairman of the Board 

Tyler LaBarge 
President, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Administrative Officer, President & CAO of Entry & Professional Level Theory, Range, & Road Training. 

Samka Keranovic­ 
Vice President, Chief Operations Officer & Director of Financial Aid, Designated Representative for the Michigan Department of State (Driver’s Education & Testing Divisions)     

Meredith Hutchinson 
Content & Copy Editor   

Dino Suljic
Records Administrator 

Jamie May 
Enrollment Counselor 

Nancy Shiner
Director of Admissions   

Sandy Wedgeworth
Admissions Advisor 

Elma Keranovic 
Assistant Director of Financial Aid 

Nevzeta Suljic 
Director of Bursar Operations 

Joshua LaBarge 
Director of Career Services 

Brandon Cloutier 
Vice President of Educational Services 

James Roy 
Vice President of Training & Faculty Development   

Cody Wojtal 
Academic Advisor 

Neira Obic
Academic Advisor 

Todd Podwoiski 
Managing Director of Entry Level Theory Training   

Timothy Birely 
Director of Entry Level Range Training   

Muhamed Coragic 
Assistant Director of Entry Level Range Training 

Rick Pierson 
Director of Entry Level Road Training 

Patrick Carson 
Director of Professional Level Range & Road Training 

Ron Peffley
Managing Director of Professional Level Range & Road Training 

Utivia Kennedy
Managing Director of Professional Level Theory Training 

Brandon Jablonski 
Instructor of Range & Road Training 

Clarence Shannon
Instructor of Range Training 

LeDerrick Sullivan 
Instructor of Range Training  

Adrian Collins 
Instructor of Range Training 

John Bugaj
Instructor of Range Training 

Christopher Lambardo 
Director of Fleet Maintenance & Coordination   

Dennis Wojtal 
Director of Fleet & Maintenance Operations  

 Nick Wojtal 
Assistant Director of Fleet Operations   

Justin LaBarge 
Assistant of Fleet & Maintenance Services 

James Roy 
State Examiner    

Troy Wood 
State Examiner   

Brandon Cloutier 
State Examiner    

Gregory Ashman 
State Examiner