USTDTS Ranks in Top 5 Out of 30 Best Trucking Schools in America

Over 1.7 million new drivers obtain their licenses and step into their driving careers every single year. Everyone who has ever gotten behind the wheel of a car has seen some form of truck driving down the highway, but have you ever stopped and wondered how that person became a truck driver? Was it as easy as just getting a regular driver’s license and applying for jobs?  People often don’t realize that to become a good truck driver, you should consider going to a good truck driver training school.

This year, Trucker Daily published their article “30 Best Truck Driving Schools in the USA,” and at U.S. Truck Driver Training School, we are incredibly honored to be named in the top 5. We are proud of being the only stand-alone accredited truck driver training school in the state of Michigan, as well as all the successes we have seen from our students.

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