Driver Skills Exam

U.S. Truck Driver Training School (USTDTS) is an approved third-party testing facility for the State of Michigan for commercial Driver Skills Exams. 

State Exam Fees

Driver Skills Test – Full: $250
Driver Skills Test – Partial: $200
Driver Skills Test – USTDTS Student Rate: $100
Tractor Trailer Rental: $500
Box Truck Rental: $500
Passenger Bus Rental: $500

If you are interested in testing for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) through USTDTS, please email [email protected]USTDTS requires copies of the applicant’s license, commercial learner’s permit, and DOT card (if applicable). ELDT (Entry Level Driver Training) eligibility will need to be verified, as well as payment processed, prior to scheduling the exam.  Test details (date, time, location, and examiner) will be provided after the examination is verified and approved by the State of Michigan.   

Applicants can check their own ELDT status in the Training Provider Registry (TPR) at https://tpr.fmcsa.dot.gov/Check. For Class A and B, applicants must have all three parts complete:  

  1. Theory  
  2. Behind the wheel – Range
  3. Behind the wheel – Road  

Commercial Driver Skills Exams consist of three segments: Vehicle Inspection, Basic Control Skills, and Public Road Driving (please refer to sections 11, 12, and 13 of the State of Michigan CDL Manual for more details). All segments must be successfully completed to pass the exam. If an applicant fails a segment, the exam is considered a failure and is concluded. After all segments of the commercial driver skills exam are successfully completed, the State Examiner will electronically report the exam results to the state of Michigan (by the end of day on the day the exam is conducted). The next business day, applicants must make an appointment at the Secretary of State to convert their license to a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).  

When applicants arrive at the designated test time and location, the State Examiner will verify the identity of the applicant. The Examiner will receive and copy the applicant’s (and the facilitator’s, if applicable) driving credentials. The State Examiner will provide a CDL Vehicle Inspection Memory Aid and verbal instructions on how the exam is conducted at the commencement of the exam. The Examiner will also provide verbal instructions about the specific segment at the beginning of each segment. Listen carefully; the instructions speak specifically of what is expected on the exam, including how you notify the Examiner that you have ended the maneuver and are ready to be scored.    

Exam Locations

6100 McGraw Ave, Detroit MI 48210 (applicants should enter the test site from Livernois Ave at the Oasis Truck Center gate)

6500 15 Mile Rd, Sterling Heights MI 48312

Applicants bringing their own vehicle to the exam must adhere to the following regulations:  

  1. A licensed facilitator, that is a commercial driver, licensed in the class of vehicle in which the applicant is testing, must arrive with the vehicle and remain at the test site for the duration of the exam.  
  2. Vehicle must have a valid registration and proof of insurance (current DOT documentation is encouraged) 
  3. Vehicle cargo area(s) must be empty  

Institution Refund Policy   

  • Cancellations that occur at least 48 business hours prior to the exam receive a full refund (or can be rescheduled) as long as the test slot/time can be rescheduled with another applicant requiring the same vehicle class and number of test parts. 
  • Cancellations within 48 business hours of the exam receive no refund and the exam is considered a cancellation/no show with the State of Michigan. 
  • Federal/state or institutional specific recognized holidays are not included as applicable “business hours.”
  • Failure to present driving credentials (including vehicle credentials and facilitator and their credentials, if applicable) will result in a canceled exam and no refund.
  • Vehicles that cannot pass Vehicle Inspection will not be considered eligible to test and will result in a canceled exam and no refund.
  • NOTE: USTDTS students taking the exam at the end of their program receive no refund.