Become Oakland’s Next Truck Driver!

Did you know that according to the American Trucking Association, almost 75% of all freight in the U.S. is moved by truck drivers? Job opportunities in this field are increasing all the time, with a 2% projected job growth annually through 2029. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this would generate an additional 30,600 jobs. Truck drivers are also relatively well-paid and can earn anywhere between approximately $14.00 – $31.00 per hour, depending on the company and the driver’s experience.

U.S. Truck Driver Training School has long partnered with Michigan Works! to help those in the state of Michigan earn their CDLs and start their careers as professional truck drivers. The Michigan Works! Association provides services and support to Michigan’s workforce development system. Members can access timely and relevant professional development opportunities. The association gives its members support, training, and services they require to resume work if they have been out of the workforce for a while.

Oakland County Michigan Works! has partnered with several truck driving schools across the tri-county area, including U.S. Truck Driver Training School, to offer short-term CDL training opportunities with tuition assistance made available to eligible candidates. Candidates can select a school that is closest to their home and best suited to their needs. Applicants must be 18-24 years old and provide a copy of his or her current drivers’ license. Additional eligibility may apply.

For more information from Oakland County Michigan Works!, please click here to view their flyer.

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