Admissions Policy

U.S. Truck Driver Training School Admissions Policy

All applicants must complete an admissions application upon arrival at USTDTS. Once the application has been completed in full and returned to an admissions representative, the applicant will be interviewed and qualified. In the duration of the application process, the front desk officer will take a copy of the applicant’s driver’s license to attach to their application. All applicants seeking admittance are encouraged to bring a valid driver’s license to their interview. The information that is provided on the application will be used to determine eligibility for a license upgrade and funding if needed. Once the application is reviewed and approved for a license upgrade, they may then sign an enrollment agreement and pay the mandatory registration fee of $25. 

Start Student Application

Upon signing of the enrollment agreement, the applicant will be given a USTDTS Student Handbook. Students are encouraged to review the handbook prior to their scheduled start date. 

If for any reason an applicant is unable to visit U.S. Truck Driver Training School for an on-campus interview, a phone interview will be scheduled to determine acceptance and eligibility. An admissions representative will send the inquirer an electronic application that can be returned via email once complete. 

The following items must be completed and/or reviewed at the time of enrollment, or before the applicants’ start dates:

  • USTDTS school application.
  • Enrollment agreement.
  • Signed acknowledgment of students’ responsibilities form.
  • Attendance and absence acknowledgment form.
  • Picture release form. 
  • Electronic transaction decision form.
  • Copy of current driver’s license.
  • Signed legal marijuana acknowledgment form.
  • Additional items may be required for students receiving federal student aid that are selected for verification and/or those utilizing private financing sources. The Financial Aid Office will advise when necessary items are needed to satisfy the verification process.
  • All students receiving federal student aid must provide a copy of their high school diploma, homeschool diploma, or GED equivalent. This is a requirement set forth by the U.S. Department of Education.

Admissions Policy for Felony Convictions

During the application process, all applicants must disclose any information about charges and/or convictions. If any students fail to do so, they will automatically disqualify themselves from admittance to the program. Additionally, the student will force USTDTS staff to expel him/her immediately once the institution discovers any discrepancies in the student’s criminal record. We encourage all students to be honest about current and past convictions and/or charges. 

After reviewing the application, the Administrative Assistant or Senior Admissions Representative will determine acceptance. The following factors come into consideration during the determination to admit an applicant as a student;

  • The number of offenses/convictions,
  • The type of the original charge(s),
  • The crime(s) for which the potential student was convicted,
  • The length of time since the date(s) of conviction(s),
  • The length of time served,
  • If the potential student was incarcerated, the length of time from the release date, and
  • Any other relevant information requested by the institution.

If the applicant is on parole, he/she may be asked to provide the name and contact information of his/her parole officer. The institution will make an effort to obtain the conditions of parole and determine whether admittance is possible within the conditions of the applicant’s parole. Also, If the institution requests, the applicant will provide any releases or waivers necessary to obtain information that the institution deems as relevant.

USTDTS informs all students that all admissions staff considers all circumstances applicable to potential students, including any felony convictions.