Know Us Better


U.S. Truck Driver Training School is the only accredited truck driver training school in the state of Michigan. 

What is accreditation? 

Educational accreditation is a quality assurance process under which services and operations of educational institutions or programs are evaluated and verified by an external body to determine if applicable and recognized standards are met. If standards are met, accredited status is granted by the appropriate agency.

What are the benefits of attending an accredited institution? 

  • It puts a stamp of approval on graduates. Graduating from USTDTS indicates that you have achieved a specific level of competency and skill that makes you more employable. Companies know when they’re hiring USTDTS graduates that they’re hiring the best.  
  • It provides educational programs with opportunities for self-definition and self-reflection, and with feedback on program content and direction. We listen to you and constantly update our programs and courses to make sure that we provide the best truck driver training available. 
  • It affords the opportunity for continuous improvement of institutions and educational programs. We are always looking for ways to improve and set our standards above the rest!

U.S. Truck Driver Training School is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education.